E24 was our high selling bull to Larry Lee and sons for $5,000. This is the third time that Larry has purchased our high selling bull. E24 is a top herd sire prospect sired by Revenant out of a tremendous Iron Hide daughter.

E177, a Santa Fe son out of our Z111 cow, was our second highest selling bull at $4,700 to the Elsworth family from Erie, Kansas. They also purchased our third highest selling bull, E178, an Abilene son at $4,100. The Elsworth family has purchased several bulls and over 100 females from us. Thank you for your continued confidence in our genetics.

E22 was our fourth highest selling bull this spring to Jared Meir at $4,100. Thank you to John Wienck for referring Jared to our program. The Enhancer bull is a popular, massive-designed son of Iron Hide.

Also a big thank you to VanGundy Farms of Americus, Kansas for being the contending bidders on E24 and E177. Mike and Bren have purchased several bulls from us over the years and have a top set of cows. They are the new owners of one of our Graduate sons this year.

Bulls sold into Kansas, Missouri and Texas. Volume buyers were Mark Bechthold with 4 head, the Elsworth family with 4 head and Smith Cattle Company with 3 head. Thank you to Mark DeWeese for referring the Smith family to us. 

We sold over half of our bulls to new customers this year. The majority of those where from previous customer referrals. Thank you all for helping us promote our breeding program.