Due to the lack of rain since last summer, our grass and hay crops have been greatly diminished.  Therefore, we have decided to sell all 32 of our commercial fall born open replacement heifers. We are also selling 9 registered heifers that were born in the second heat out of our clean up bulls. The heifers were weaned on May 10th across the fence from their dams.  They received two rounds of vaccinations and were tested PI BVD negative as calves.  At weaning they were given 20/20 Vision 7, Enforce 3, One Shot BVD and Long Range. They were calf hood vaccinated by Dr. Gordon and all received a Lutylase shot.  They are in excellent condition and health.

We have been breeding all of these females and selling them in April as bred heifers.  The last three years, the heifers have sold for $2000 per head.  If you have grass or hay available, these females would be a great investment.  Breed them this fall, then either put them in your herd or sell them next spring. 

Please call Jeff at 620-344-0233 to see the heifers or if you need any more information.