Please note that we have decided to move our fall bull bid off day to October 15th, 2017. After talking with those of you who calve late summer to early fall, we feel like this date will better fit everyone’s needs. You will still be able to purchase bulls in time to breed by the last week of October for early calves. For those of you who calve in September, October or later, you will be able to see more mature bulls when you come to make selections.

Bulls are on feed and are developing nicely. The group of bulls this fall includes 13 ET calves, 7 bulls who's dam or grand dam are ET calves, and 2 bulls out of older registered females. The bulls are very even, with 9 suitable for use on heifers. I have had requests for a high growth bull that is heterozygous black to use on off-color cows. We don’t find many red carriers, but the 66D bull tested heterozygous black. He is high growth, big bodied, and out of a proven quality cow.

The bulls are available for viewing any time by appointment. Ultrasound data should be available by mid-September. Starting prices will be posted around October 1st. Click here to view the current data updated on October 3. Click here to view the scan data. Please contact Jeff at 620.344.0233 for more information.

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