The goal at Rock Creek Ranch is to produce cattle that calve unassisted with moderate birth weights while maintaining growth, milk, and carcass genetics at sustainable, profitable levels. The ranch is owned and operated by Jim and Jean Houck and Jeff Houck and his family, Lori, Brittney, and Kaitlin.

The guiding force behind this family operation is homegrown, superior genetics. The foundation is a registered Simmental and SimAngus cowherd, split into spring and fall calving units. Both are centered around a dedicated breeding program involving artificial insemination, proven embryo transfer donor cows, and a powerful herd bull battery. All heifers are artificially inseminated using proven, high accuracy AI sires or ranch-owned bulls. 

b l a c k ,  p o l l e d   S i m m e n t a l   c a t t l e